Faith of Enoch

Jesus made reference to His return, but also made reference to the spiritual condition of the people at the time of His coming. “when the Son of Man returns, will He find faith in the earth ? ”
I feel in the midst of all the technological advances, they have become a spiritual distraction.
The reason for technology is a two fold strategy of two distinct kingdoms. For God’s kingdom it is to complete the great Commission. For Lucifer it is to entangle people in their lusts.
We consider Enoch, his walk of faith became intimacy, so much so that he disappeared from this life. I feel we teach faith as a principle rather than being a bridge into intimacy.
“without faith it is impossible to please God.”
The verse is taught as an exhortation to have faith. In what I believe God has made me understand is that we have been given faith to PLEASE Him. We become His pleasure. Pleasure is an intimate word. It conjures up the sense of two hearts into full interaction to the point of Union. This union is an exchange.
What I see with Enoch is that through faith, entering into intimacy He entered into a place of Union with God. In that place God saw it fit to translate him bodily to heaven, because his spirit was there already.

What I am saying is, I am writing this post after a year of what it seems to be one loss after another, but in it all, I can testify to a place in the Spirit where losses do not matter. I mentioned to a friend of mine that I have learned to construct my tabernacle in the midst of it all. I have experienced losses but they do not outweigh the gains.
What did I gain? Peace and joy and a great provision of favour. But beyond that I can glimpse the height of faith and intimacy that Enoch walked in.

It is wrong to teach faith as a principle to get what you want. It is a bridge to intimacy, where grace is given to walk with God with your image of Him intact when all around you is falling apart.

That way you will see your life in a new prism, and not all the spiritual success stories will include great preaching, great travels, miracles. Rather your testimony will be: despite all my losses and broken dreams, I walked in faith which led me into a new intimacy where this life is only guided by my union with Him!!!


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