Instant Christianity

Dear all,
I am writing this post, as I have experienced some of what I am going to write about. Having been in prophetic ministry for the last 27 years, I know exactly what I mean when we talk about the instant generation.
With the way technology and society is being shaped, everything has to be instant, there has to be results instantly, instant coffee, microwave meals. Fast booting and working computers, new instant cures, instant programs on TV, radio.
Just that the Christian life is incompatible with this way of doing things. Many think that God must move quickly, bring revival now, but forget one part of the necessary equation: character.
God has a covenant with us, it is a Covenant of Character, which is moulded on the anvil of time. This character which is godly and a character of integrity can only be acquired by constant submission and acting out of obedience even when everything around you says no. This character draws from covenant all what we need, because it is a BRIDGE OF TRUST. 
When you look at the Word of God, God was never in a hurry to reveal His Plan to His men and women. He sometimes let someone prepare for years before releasing them into their final calling. 
Look at Abraham, considered to be a prophet, yet never prophesied, but his very life was prophetic. He obeyed God in every step. Moses was prepared over 80 years to go into the promised land, unfortunately failed because of his own weaknesses.
Elijah waited 3 years in the Brook Cherith for the Word of the Lord.
John the Baptist ministered From the wilderness, and those in the cities and towns went out to him in the wilderness. The wilderness is a place of revelation, where for years the Word is tried in us. Yet God used the wilderness to get people to come out from the majority to make a difference. So many who consider today to be in a wilderness must reflect that God can transform it, Isaiah 35. David waited 13 years to inherit the Throne. He waited patiently for the Kingly destiny to manifest to fullness. Also see the parrallel with Joseph who spent his preparation time in Prison and in slavery. He never lost the sight of his calling.
Right now, you may be in a place where your friends don’t recognize what God called you to do, you may be a pew filler in church, where your preaching or worship ministry is not recognized yet, you may be geographically in a wilderness, but God wants us to be patient. When we consider that through the “breaking” of the wilderness, obscurity, isolation is the making, we will then be released into the ministry God called us to be.
We want leadership today! But we have a prime example in Saul. The people “cried out” for a king. God gave them Saul. They cried out too soon. What they got was a man moving in the anointing but without character. It was so disastrous that the discouragement of the defeat of Israel before its enemies, took 7 more years after the death of Saul to recognize David. Believe me, discouragement causes us to lose necessary time to recognize the new thing when it presents itself before us. 
Resist the need to have instant Christianity…instant ministry, without character. God is not in a hurry, and nor should you!

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