Retaining your Integrity: Job 1

Right now I am conscious that I am writing this in a place of vulnerability. I have my daughter in Bristol Children’s Hospital with a very serious condition. She has a rare kidney disease. There have been some close encounters with death in this crisis. So forgive the strength of this post, as God birthed this message in my heart.

When we walk the Christian life we readily preach on healing and victory. We all like to hear testimony of victory. But we find it hard to stare loss, disease, destruction in the face and get meaning! Very often our own knowledge and it’s limitation causes us to be lost for words when we see the brethren pass through loss and sudden calamity. We have been so conditioned by a positive thinking Gospel that when we are confronted by sudden calamity in others we theorize and pin blame. The Book of Job is the Gospel to those who lose and suffer loss.

What we need to see is that nothing happens without God’s knowledge and manifest purpose.

What we see is heaven’s veil drawn back and a celestial dialogue take place. Lúcifer attacks God through His prize creation. Man. But God gives Lúcifer the permission to cause loss. He lost his sons and daughters and his home and even his own health.

What is the attitude of Job? It was of worship, accepting God’s sovereignty in all things. Others blamed Job, and put things on Job. How many so ignorantly put accusations on those who are not healed instantaneously? How many say it is a lack of faith? How did God deal with this in Job? God dealt with those comforters with His Anger. Only Job’s prayer saved them.

In all of this provocation what should we do? We should remain grounded in the Knowledge of God’s character and His goodness. No suffering last forever. God always brings restoration. God always manifest. The key is my attitude. My own stance in extreme circumstances of my own is to construct a Tabernacle of prayer and trust. God rewards this.

Right at the beginning, because I may bring another message on this theme, is that suffering is part of God’s plan to draw our attention away from our vain notions of a life of comfort, to a life of serving eternal purposes. Our suffering and our INTEGRITY and CONSISTENCY in it, breaks lies in the Kingdom of darkness, proving through our devotion and love for God, that we serve and have allegiance with God for WHO He is, and NOT what He does for us. This way He will come and bring greater prosperity and restoration than we have ever seen.

I shall write more soon. Pray for my daughter Nisia, in hospital.


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