Personal Note

You have followed this Blog for a while. I have been involved in itinerant and prophetic ministry since 1990, coming out from my home town after my father’s death.
God spoke to me through a prophet about Abram leaving his country and his family. This is what happened. I traveled extensively in the early 90’s. I moved to Portugal where I developed ministry, leadership schools, involved in a circuit of churches on a leadership level. I was in Portugal for 15 years.
Now for the last two years we have been developing ministry here in the UK. We have a prophetic ministry. This means what we receive, what we transmit via the Word has a prophetic perspective, that is, opening the mystery of the unseen in the seen realm.
We need from our readers partnership. This partnership says we are shareholders. This means: we take with you, share with you, identify with you the same vision. We will take on our shoulders the burden of prayer.
Right now we have great health challenges in the family. We also need financial support. This financial support will take off our shoulders the weight of the burden. That way when you have a burden we in turn can take off your burden.
Please consider sending a one time gift or make a monthly commitment to us. If you sense that leading, send your gift using PayPal using as the reference address.
Please hear our prayerful cry for breakthrough to the Lord, like Nehemiah who heard about the affliction of Jerusalem and prayed, then acted in response to his own prayer. We too are acting building a business structure to sustain the ministry. We need support for this.
So we ask to feedback on this message.


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