I Hear the Sound of Rain: part 5 The trial after the triumph

Classically we could go into the whole area of Jezebel and what happened. But the way the Lord touched it with me is the attack that comes AFTER a conquest.

The fact is when we breakthrough we are at our most vulnerable to attack. The only weapon effective enough against God’s people is FEAR. It paralyzed Elijah and sent him into the desert place.

He ran 40 days and 40 nights.

What was exposed were his weaknesses. That is why God allows attack to come. It comes for us to face our fragility and the necessity of our need for God!

What did God do with Elijah’s flight of fear and hiding?

1. He sustained Elijah

God sent angels to carry him to the end of himself. The food was heavenly as it sustained him in the desert and adverse circumstances. God will continue to sustain us even in the midst of our fears and our flight.

2. He Searched out Elijah’s heart

God came to Elijah and asked him what He was doing in the cave. God exposed his fear and false perspective. What He showed Elijah that first it would be in the stillness he would find God. He would also see how illogical was his fear, and his isolation was also false, there was a mighty company fighting the same cause!

So many times in our trials we feel alone and feel the burden, but the Lord would show you that you are surrounded by those called to fight alongside you. Do not lose perspective.

3. God SENT Elijah afresh

God corrects us and renews His call. What God did with Elijah was promote him. We see him sent on new missions to nations. We see him sent on very powerful missions. Once we face our failings and with humility stand again He will lift us up and renew the Call. We have not blown it. We are sent afresh by an act of mercy and we access an higher grace.


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