Who for the Joy Set before Him

Hebrews 12 is being sustenance at this moment. The Word is our bread that comes down from Heaven. I have to admit we are living times which are difficult to fathom. They are difficult for our flesh to deal with. But the Word brings to our spirit a window to glance into the spiritual realm and see all the miracles, the mountains which move, the obstacles removed, seas which part, are ALL THERE. When we look into the Word we are looking into OUR MIRACLE. Once we LET THE SAME SPIRIT WHO PENNED ALL THE WORDS, to reveal the HIDDEN … Continue reading Who for the Joy Set before Him

Enduring a Cross and Despising Shame

I am on a business trip right now. But even in the midst of all that seems to us to be “secular” God comes in to speak to us. He comes with clarity. Could it be that in the context of not striving we may be caught unawares and be able to hear more clearly? A question that some of you could answer for me. The Lord brought me clearly to Hebrews 12. I believe that ENDURING and DESPISING are keys that bring us into the fullness of our calling. When we can ENDURE, we can QUALIFY to sit in … Continue reading Enduring a Cross and Despising Shame