Process of Position

Dear all, I am here in hospital with my daughter at the moment. I thank you for all the prayers going up at this time. We really sense the presence of God. I was meditating as to why we are in this right now. The Lord spoke to me the following words: Process of Position. We are in a place where the PROCESS will bring us into POSITION, where we will be commissioned to do what God called us to do. In this position, we will need to verify some factors: 1) Intimacy with God 2) Application of covenant 3) … Continue reading Process of Position

Christianity: a rational or emotional faith?

I am taking this day out to prepare for tomorrow’s ministry. Preaching of the Word. I have been doing more under the surface study, to substantiate what God wants to do. I have had to exercise my mind more than just get enthusiastic about a spiritual principle that I THINK is God saying without making any effort to back it up NOT just with my understanding what the Word says. There is a worrying trend in the Body today. With worldly responsibilities growing in intensity today there is less time to study let alone read the Bible. We are more … Continue reading Christianity: a rational or emotional faith?