The season of Pillars

2011 has been a year of establishing foundations. I have seen in my own life, family, and in church life, as well as in the nations mass upheaval. This upheaval is uncomfortable, unsettling and sometimes very difficult to cope with. I remember that my own situation was one of being given no choice but to change some things, The nations have seen major upheavals, seen major changes, with dictators, being toppled. I really saw this as a foundational year, and I saw my own ministry and life have new solid foundations of faith and intimacy with the Lord, and it … Continue reading The season of Pillars

Signs of the end

Was reading the Debka magazine this morning. The moves in Cairo show us that all peace accords with Israel are almost broken. We are at the Gateway of a massive betrayal which will pave the way for a mass war in the near future. America is likely to be neutralized sometime in the near future. We must pray for Israel. Next country to turn radical is Syria. This will open the door for more pressure from the north. Continue reading Signs of the end

Rioting without a cause

This week we have all seen the spreading of rioting throughout the cities of Britain. There has been a lot of destruction, some loss of life. Everyone is asking why. First of all the spiritual landscape of Britain is apathetic, with a society based on easy going economics, political correctness, and humanism. This means we are bringing up a generation who have no presentation, posture for work. They are mostly unemployed for years, and without any prospect. This along with humanistic vacuum which has left the country a shadow of what it once was. The minorities are affecting the opinion … Continue reading Rioting without a cause

Subjective faith vs Biblical Integrity

I was meditating on adding something to facebook as to provoke a thought pattern. I began to think of my own life, and compare with Job, Joseph, Moses. We see something in their lives, a quality, which we are sadly lacking. We are going into a danger area. In one church in Portugal I passed through, the preaching was appealing to the needs of the people, and what became evident is that God had become little more than a santa Claus, who fulfils all our desires and wants. I saw circumstances change in their lives and their attitude also changed. … Continue reading Subjective faith vs Biblical Integrity