The dividing river and parted sea

I have been reflecting on God’s purpose in my own relocation. God always parts the obstacles and makes us go through. If He is taking us through to a new land, there are always obstacles that challenge our faith, to show us we are truly being guided by the Lord. All the glory must go to Him. So when you see a mountain, you must speak to it. You must not doubt. Please pray for us for our relocation today. Russell Durose Paypal: Continue reading The dividing river and parted sea

The mystery of eternity

Dear all, I am back in Brixham. I have been back for over a week. I am here with the family. It has been good. This is quite a delicate time, for two reasons. One year ago, a woman of faith, my mother in law, left this life, to receive her eternal reward, and this marked a time last year, of demarcation, where God’s glory was present. In that valley of the shadow of death, we all learned how close we are to the eternal realms. It is now exactly 1 year to the day, since she went. I am … Continue reading The mystery of eternity

Conventions with modern eyes: Abraham in the desert

I have come back to Portugal to complete what I started last year. There are question marks that needs God to answer those. It seems strange to step into a land where I have handed back the call I once had. Abraham was told to leave his home country and everything. If anything mankind is turning more and more migrant. we can now at a drop of a hat travel to another land. The cost of the call is not so physical as Abraham. He had no transport. He did not have a fixed destination. But he obeyed. I simply … Continue reading Conventions with modern eyes: Abraham in the desert