The value of thankfulness

God has been teaching me the value of thankfulness for the value of thankfulness and gratefulness. We can enjoy freedoms that some countries do not. We can meet for prayer in our homes and set up ministries and Churches without government opposition.

we can enjoy the small comforts that bring us into the knowledge of God.

Once we recognize the goodness of God we come into a place of intimacy and discovery of God. The Bible tells us that thankfulness is the attitude we need to come to God with. Without this we cannot enter. Paul spoke in his letters that we need to learn contentment and this brings us out of strife and unhealthy pursuits. How much of our time is influence by the pursuit of possession instead of the pursuit of intimacy?

Thankfulness is the start of our journey to intimacy. Here we see God’s love displayed toward us. Once we deny ourselves of the earthly things and their attention we come to value the spiritual places, power and principles and see that approval and blessing from heaven is better than all we could gain on this earth.

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