The Suddenlies of God

The Suddenlies of God

This message has travelled all over the world. The Lord gave me this message in a very difficult period in our ministry. Enjoy.

The Suddenlies of God

By Russell Durose

Malachi 3:1

1 Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the Lord of hosts.

The “suddenlies” of God are wonderful. They come with promise, that is we are assured of God’s faithfulness, but we are never prepared for the WAY God will do it!

But we notice that God sends a prophet before He performs His Suddenly. To prepare the way.

What does He prepare?

1. He prepares us by leading us in repentance.

2. He prepares us by leading us in forgiving.

3. He prepares us by surrender.

Who is this Messenger? Could be a prophet, can be the Holy Spirit coming to us with great preparation.

I am not sure about you, but I have noticed a great dearth in our lives the last 2 weeks. It was as though what was full of water was emptied, and God started digging around and digging out a deeper foundation so that what God builds will be far greater.

But this preparation prepares a road a highway into our ministries, our businesses and our lives, so that Jesus can come in and do what He desires.

What the Lord told me today is that He is about to do a suddenly in your life. He is about to SUDDENLY visit His Temple. He is about to show up!!!

” The Lord, whom you seek,” are you seeking for Him? Are you seeking Him alone?

Whatever you seek shall manifest!!!

There is something happening as I write this, the Presence of the Lord has come into this place, I know that this is what God is speaking from His Throne.

What do you seek? If you seek what is temporal, it shall indeed be given in this season, but it shall pass.

The Lord says, “If you seek Me, Me alone, what I shall do in you shall never pass.” Yes Jesus shall suddenly show up.

Imagine the scenario, you are doing your regular house meeting, childrens or youth meeting, your sunday meeting, and all of a sudden you note a change. The people start to cry out, begin to worship Jesus in a new way. Indeed Jesus suddenly CAME into His Temple. You note the intense Presence of the Holy One. You note the very core of your being challenged to be humbled before Him. The angels exhort you in a loud voice to ACKNOWLEDGE Him, the King of Glory!!!!

You note in your business that what was merely maintained is now accentuated with a new invention that God put in your being. Now you make so much finance that you sow into the end time harvest.

Imagine also a couple at home, having the usual argument, then the atmosphere changes, and the FEAR of the Lord hits them both, they fall to the floor and worship the Lord.

Imagine an ordinary prayer meeting, then the atmosphere changes, they are drawn into the Presence of the Suddenly Presence of the Holy One. They stay there hours.

This is the suddenly that is coming!!!!

It is something that shall make society stop, with even greater moment than that of 11th September 2001.

” The Messenger of the Covenant whom you delight in…” Yes He suddenly comes to administer a reinforcement of the covenant, both the requirements and the blessings. He is coming to restore us and initiate in and through us the covenant He made with us!

You know your personal covenant with God?

Yes He made a covenant with you, its personal, its with you by name.

If you have no idea of that covenant, how can you precisely pray in, prophesy in the covenant?

We cannot forget, and it is engraved on my mind the story of the beginning of the Hebrides Revival in 1949. Kathie Walters had the privelege of visitting Barvas, on the island, and reciting in her book: ” Bright and Shining Revival” .

She relates that the people, a small group got a burden of the spiritual condition of the people and they prayed according to Psalm 24 and Isaiah 64. They prayed in a stone barn for 5 months. They knew their covenant with God with them THROUGH His Word, and they gained boldness to remind God of His Promise. This particular night in such a prayer, where God’s faithfulness to His Word was reminded in prayer suddenly the Glory of God appeared and impacted the island of Lewis for 4 years at least, bringing thousands to Christ!

God loves “suddenlies.” And He is about to bring one into your lives. Be prepared, receive and pray the Covenant, and watch God bring His Suddenly…

Russell A.Durose

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