He believed in hope against all hope

In the second world war, it is a known fact that in the beginning the war was going badly for the Allies. Britain had been pounded in 1940, what was known as the battle of Britain. They were very depressing times.
Little is known, but one man, Rees Howell, had been given the burden by the Lord that he should intercede for Britain in the darkest hours. He recites his experiences in his book ” The Intercessor.” The many days the weight of the spiritual battle that was on his shoulders in the dark days, when there seemed no hope. In fact it was in prayer, against all hopelessness that Rees Howell found the divine hope conquered in his heart, in the prayer place. It was there the tide was turned.
In the Hebrides Revival, the preparation in the barn in Barvas also came against the barrier of hopelessness. It is to be broken through prayer and faith. When it looks absolutely hopeless that we should exercise our faith even more. It is here our breakthrough comes. Like a drop of water on a stone consistently dripping until suddenly the stone breaks. This is breakthrough.

Romans 4: says when Abraham when there was no hope believed in hope. In the state of hopelessness he came into a place of believing even though his sensed said no. This is the place where God meets us.


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