The Inner Breakthrough: Joshua’s example part 3::: Faith Obedience and Vision

Faith does not became faith until you obey. And obedience is not faith in action until you’ve grasped the vision.
What is the vision? A project? No. A church? NO. A ministry? NO.
It is the full stature of Christ in us. Jesus in us: hope of Glory. Colossians 1:27.
Ephesians 4:11-15 tells us that it is the ministry gifts of Christ which make grow that stature in us.
What is that stature?
1. Stature of authority
2. Stature of character
3. Stature of intimacy with the Father
4. Stature of sensitivity to the Spirit
5. Stature of wisdom that unlocks spiritual words and insights in demonstration in our lives.

Our model is Christ. We have a superior model than that of Joshua. We have more than a mere Word, we have the Word living in us!!!

Joshua had to obey to make his faith manifest the vision God gave him. We have a superior vision, faith of the clear Christ in us.
Looking unto Jesus, author and perfecter of our faith: Hebrews 12.


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