Inner Breakthrough: Example of Joshua Part 4: when theoretical produces unbelief

I have been reflecting on the fact that Joshua WAS CALLED IN THE WILDERNESS. On the back of a death. The death came for disobedience, and anger. I have been contemplating on the the fact that faith requires;
1. A response
2. An action
3. A possession

Faith requires a response, a decision. Unless we make that decision to believe God we will never be in the realm of faith. Abraham believed and that led him to act. If he had not acted the project of God would never have been enacted. How many ministries stay on the theoretical? How many have endless board meetings? But nothing happens. If nothing happens then faith does not exist. If faith does not exist what reigns is simply circumstances.
Faith requires action on our part. However simple it may be. Unless we act we do not make connection. We do not link into the power of God. It is the connection we make.
It is the upflow and downflow like an internet connection.
Faith takes possession of the promise and moves into them. Once it moves all the enemies flee in fear. Look at Jericho. Shut up in fear. Rahab rather believed the God of Israel and got included. Because she acted to protect God’s interests. She knew if she fought against this God she would perish, but if she acted in God’s will she would enter in. And enter in she did, and was included in the line of David and Jesus. How much more our faith includes us in a royal and messianic line? Much more!
Do not be theoretical…what did God command you to do? Do it and see every obstacle and every river part.
I challenge you today to take your vision document and begin to act out in wisdom and prayer, and you shall see what was on paper come manifest.

If we remain theoretical we will become full of unbelief. Our faith must produce a manifestation of our vision. It must become light, it must become like God who said Let there be light. And there was light.
How could this be? Because God is light. And His creation came out of His Being!!! What creations God has put in your being?

One thought on “Inner Breakthrough: Example of Joshua Part 4: when theoretical produces unbelief

  1. Russell, this is an awesome word! Let us take possession of the promise and move into it! We have the example and the promises to Abraham and his sons, to Moses, to Joshua, to David, better promises in Christ, and All the promises are yea and amen in Christ! You are always in my prayers, but please let me know when you have a need for specific intercession.

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