The truth of Intercession

There is a myth abroad that intercession is for the chosen few. It is not. It is for the whole Body. It is a priestly function of every believer. It is part of the calling shown in Revelation 1:6.
There is an intercession that we must do., that is get God’s perspective. If we conduct our intercession with major spiritual strongholds in our lives, our intercession will not be conducted in the order of the Lord. This is dangerous for those who are being prayed for, they can come under attack.

Our intercession must focus on taking heavenly knowledge and apply it into every situation. We must go into the Word, guided into revelation and see it manifest in every day life.

Some see intercession as merely dealing with demons. This is wrong. Our first duty is to find out what is in God’s perspective then pray accordingly. Every situation is different. So we cannot make a doctrine out of it.

I think more and more we must seek that the Holy Spirit be outpoured in such a way that demons must flee.

Let us endeavour to take off our minds the lie that prayer is a tiresome activity, and let our activities grow less. Then maybe our less activity will accomplish more than just being busy.

It is said that many of the great men of God stayed in prayer 4 and 5 hours a day praying. That is why their lives were effective.

Lord teach us how to pray!

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