The Moses Move in Gifting Ministry

This morning in prayer I was reflecting on an Indian pastor who is needing the rent on his house. I mourned inside because more than anything I loved this pastor so much. He was always a source of encouragement to me.

Then I began to pray, as I began to pray I began to hear the cries, in unison, the sighs, the prayers go up to heaven. They were asking the Lord when? When will He come and set them free from their material/financial slavery?

The Lord then turned to me and said: ” I have heard the cry of my ministers. It has come up before me.” Then I began to reflect where I had heard this before. Yes, Moses.

Moses was more than just a deliverer, he led the people to the glory. Led them to the covenant which would shape their very lives. He was leading them to a place of fruitfulness. So God is calling each and everyone of us, to pray, to distribute the little we have, to become gifting ministers.

The men and women of God are becoming weary. We can always come with our theories about God supplies. But even when the slavery of Israel in Egypt was happening many cried out to God for a deliverer. They understood that when God wants do something He will send a man. He will send him from the brokeness of the desert, from the dryness, and obscurity, to be a voice, be a leader.

These people are those who are accustomed to live in the mountains with God and receive His Laws. And use these people to communicate how they should live. God wanted all of Israel to be PRIESTS. Yet Israel saw what the implications of that was and did not want to go with God.

It is the same today. Sometimes it seems that there are FEW INTERCESSORS, yet the burdens of the whole Body falls on them. There are FEW GIVERS, yet they are weary of giving and having little returns.

There is a need for a “Moses” who can bring order back into this. There is a need that the weariness in God’s servants be turned for Joy. There is a need that finally God’s servants live to serve the Lord, and concentrate on that serving.

The fact is that the financing of the Kingdom is still based on the world “Egypt” system. It is still governed by what we have or have not determines if we give or not. No, there needs to be a new system, where FAITH is the GOVERNING principle, where FAITH in operation gives HOPE for God’s servants.

Jesus has given us a measure of faith. We must now use it. We must now arise and do away what slave mentality we have had. We have lived on Manna, but God has so much more for us. He is not a man that He should lie.

So let us today, just ask God to hear those cries! Does it not disturb you?

Nehemiah heard that Jerusalem was in ruins, prayed and became an answer to his own prayers.

God can do it sovereignly, but He chooses a partnership with us.

Jesus blessed the loaves and fishes, but it was in the hands of the disciples that the multiplication took place.

Let us dialogue on this theme.



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