The Suddenlies of God

The Suddenlies of God This message has travelled all over the world. The Lord gave me this message in a very difficult period in our ministry. Enjoy. The Suddenlies of God By Russell Durose Malachi 3:1 1 Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the Lord of hosts. The “suddenlies” of God are wonderful. They come with promise, that is we are assured of God’s faithfulness, but … Continue reading The Suddenlies of God

He believed in hope against all hope

In the second world war, it is a known fact that in the beginning the war was going badly for the Allies. Britain had been pounded in 1940, what was known as the battle of Britain. They were very depressing times. Little is known, but one man, Rees Howell, had been given the burden by the Lord that he should intercede for Britain in the darkest hours. He recites his experiences in his book ” The Intercessor.” The many days the weight of the spiritual battle that was on his shoulders in the dark days, when there seemed no hope. … Continue reading He believed in hope against all hope

Inner Breakthrough: Example of Joshua Part 4: when theoretical produces unbelief

I have been reflecting on the fact that Joshua WAS CALLED IN THE WILDERNESS. On the back of a death. The death came for disobedience, and anger. I have been contemplating on the the fact that faith requires; 1. A response 2. An action 3. A possession Faith requires a response, a decision. Unless we make that decision to believe God we will never be in the realm of faith. Abraham believed and that led him to act. If he had not acted the project of God would never have been enacted. How many ministries stay on the theoretical? How … Continue reading Inner Breakthrough: Example of Joshua Part 4: when theoretical produces unbelief

The Inner Breakthrough: Joshua’s example part 3::: Faith Obedience and Vision

Faith does not became faith until you obey. And obedience is not faith in action until you’ve grasped the vision. What is the vision? A project? No. A church? NO. A ministry? NO. It is the full stature of Christ in us. Jesus in us: hope of Glory. Colossians 1:27. Ephesians 4:11-15 tells us that it is the ministry gifts of Christ which make grow that stature in us. What is that stature? 1. Stature of authority 2. Stature of character 3. Stature of intimacy with the Father 4. Stature of sensitivity to the Spirit 5. Stature of wisdom that … Continue reading The Inner Breakthrough: Joshua’s example part 3::: Faith Obedience and Vision

The Inner Breakthrough; Joshua’s example Part 2

We discussed in Part 1, the principle of Breakthrough. Now we go to part 2. We take the example of Joshua. His task is based upon the unseen principle. The taking possession of the Promised Land. Let us look at the steps of the Word of the Lord. 1. Moses is dead. New season declared. 2. Your new territory. 3. Your first step…get over Jordan. 4. No man can stand against you as you move into your new territory. 5. Meditate in the law day and night…it is the key to your success. 1. You need to know that it … Continue reading The Inner Breakthrough; Joshua’s example Part 2

Inner Breakthrough; Joshua’s example

Today have been reflecting on my own circumstances and waters I have had to wade through. It has not been easy. What we are all involved with is a reality that is unseen. It is unseen to our senses. Therefore anyone who is a prisoner to their senses is a prisoner to unbelief and swayed like the sea. That means: 1. No consistency, you are tossed around, you do not know where you are going. You do not know what dangers you will encounter. 2. No destiny: you have no predetermined destination. 3. No purpose: you are tossed as a … Continue reading Inner Breakthrough; Joshua’s example

The Power of the Outcry

Slavery was a stark contrast from the days of Goshen. Yet Israel was taken from fruitful Goshen to the workhouses of Pharoah, who knew not Joseph. Their sighs and cries rose up to heaven. Then from the desert, God appeared in the fire to Moses. He said: “Their cry has risen up to me. I have heard.” We know the rest of the story. There is a silent outcry going up to God. God’s servants have been taken from “Goshen” and are now servants to the task master called Mammon. Many today spend over half their time securing finances from … Continue reading The Power of the Outcry

The truth of Intercession

There is a myth abroad that intercession is for the chosen few. It is not. It is for the whole Body. It is a priestly function of every believer. It is part of the calling shown in Revelation 1:6. There is an intercession that we must do., that is get God’s perspective. If we conduct our intercession with major spiritual strongholds in our lives, our intercession will not be conducted in the order of the Lord. This is dangerous for those who are being prayed for, they can come under attack. Our intercession must focus on taking heavenly knowledge and … Continue reading The truth of Intercession

The Moses Move in Gifting Ministry

This morning in prayer I was reflecting on an Indian pastor who is needing the rent on his house. I mourned inside because more than anything I loved this pastor so much. He was always a source of encouragement to me. Then I began to pray, as I began to pray I began to hear the cries, in unison, the sighs, the prayers go up to heaven. They were asking the Lord when? When will He come and set them free from their material/financial slavery? The Lord then turned to me and said: ” I have heard the cry of … Continue reading The Moses Move in Gifting Ministry