submission comes from brokeness

We may have prayed high intentional prayers, are dangerous in their implication. God takes us at our Word. We say Lord “revive us” and He comes to break us. Should we be surprised?
When we pray “Lord. We trust you,” should we not be surprised when we go through situations where we learn the hard way how to trust.
It is very very true that God teaches us to submit to Him. But what will it take? If we resist Him, He will take us through situations until we surrender.
We have no better example than Job. All was taken from him. House, animals, crops, and his children. What does he do first? He bows down and worships! How many of us do that? We would complain, curse. This is what I call a life submitted.
If we will pray, let us think first. Because the climb up the mountain is difficult, to get to the summit will take us beyond our natural endurance. But it takes perseverance, faith and strength. Have we got what it takes?
God is looking for people who can climb the mountain of revival. Forgetting our weaknesses and refusal to quit.


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