Reading Below the surface

I am recovering from a serious problem regards health. But we learn that it is not always what we think is going wrong, but really what God is doing. Because God is speaking. Are we listening?
I am endeavouring to use the time listening. God is speaking, but what He speaks is sometimes secrets that only a certain few hear.
All this to say, there is something going on this year that is making way for next year. I believe both for the Kingdom of God, and for the Kindgom of darkness is a pivotal and positional year. This year is a year of upheaval and order in many spheres.
1. In Church Sphere: change of leadership, change or refinement of vision. Change of membership.
2. In Political sphere; change of governments, change of economy, upheavals and revolutions.
3. Marriage sphere: upheavals in habits, changes, separations then reconciliations with new deeper commitments.

Really depends if you are going to see out this season or not. Because if you faithfully see out the processes of God, you will be given authority in the end time work of God. It is time to stop mechanically live the Christian life and see that below the surface we are positioned for the last confrontation and eternal victory. It just depends where we stand in that season.

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