New Kairos times part 2

Today 8th April marks a new day.  New beginnings. I sense in my spirit that we are going through a Jordan between one Kairos to another. It has been tough in the “wilderness” as it seemed we were going round in “circles”. For me I almost despaired. But here am I just about to step into the Promised Land.
The first thing is that Jordan represents both a demarcation line, but also a barrier. Without faith in God’s revealed prophetic word to us, we will never get beyond the barrier. Jordan was in flood. They had the timing to go over, in 3 days! In those 3 days of preparation there was a circumcision. They were to go in covenantally sound. All that which was of Egypt was to be “rolled away” hence the name of that place became Gilgal. Then they were to have the Levites with the Ark of the Covenant, to go in first. They were to get their feet to touch the waters. They immediately divided. The division of the waters is “karath” which means “to cut covenant”.
So in concrete terms when God took them over Jordan, He cut covenant with them! How much more us today. May we grasp the “karath” of God in our circumstances today so that all the preparation bear fruit.

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