Interpreting the Kairos Times

Psalm 105:17: so I sent a man before them.

The kairos times we are living in are not a surprise to God. They are part of the death cycle which God is allowing to take place to establish His Kingdom in the hearts of men and to do away with this divided earth and heaven.

When you consider that the New Earth and New Heaven will have no divide. There will be no spiritual and physical world. They will be unified.

But all what is happening, political and financial instability is the kingdoms of this world are being shaken. God has foreseen this and is sending a Joseph generation which is a forerunner generation. Its one whose vision is not shared by others. It is rejected by men, imprisoned for years in obscurity. There is a set time for promotion. There is a set time when the prophetic knowledge will even be acknowledged by the world as wisdom.

Marketplace ministry is for this time. When faith and wisdom will place a fountain of miraculous preservation and provision for all those who obey. This marketplace ministry will prepare for dark years. They are coming and yet for the righteous will be bright years.
I was up at Zion (is what God called my house here) yesterday. I saw a sign, it said Happy Days. It shone out at me. Others see my difficult circumstances and are worried. I just see light and glory. It is my training to be a Joseph.

One thought on “Interpreting the Kairos Times

  1. Amazing victory, and reward, Russell! You are seeing the things fulfilled that the Apostle Paul saw! I am rejoicing with you!

    Ephesians 3:13
    Wherefore I desire that ye faint not at my tribulations for you, which is your glory.

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