When all is left is integrity

Job retained his integrity even when he lost his home, his children, and his animals. Then to boot he also lost his health, boils all over his body. When you approach the book of Job, you cannot see anything but two pillars of truth.

1. The Integrity of Job: Job knew his God…he knew that God was testing him through and through, through his circumstances. When he lost everything everyone else lost all faith, and even his wife persuaded him to turn his back on God…he just bowed down and worshipped the Lord. Even in the context of his suffering, even in the context of loss he retained faith. He knew his God…he related with God on an intimate level. So throughout whilst not understanding, he still retained a singlemindedness. This is what God looks for in our hearts.

2. The Faithfulness of God: This is another essential pillar in this whole scenario. When we know God intimately, our communication changes with Him. We can come to Him on the basis of His Character. This is what Moses did, the scripture says that God is persuaded of him…and did according to Moses’ word. Once we grasp covenant, once we grasp His Character, we can dialogue with all boldness and we can even dialogue with Him negatively. But God is above all this, and He will in the end manifest His True nature.

In this post I want to demonstrate that in the end God showed His Nature in showing Job the end of his faith: restoration. Job had passed a celestial test…and God rebukes satan, used to test Job, and then restores to him double…

Why am I focussing on Job?

Because some way I believe that Job’s test is all of our tests, whether we have faith and hold onto integrity. If we hold onto integrity…as though it is all we have then God will come in and bring us a great restoration. The main test…are we going to retain integrity? Are we going to retain our composure?

If we do…God will come and restore us!


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