Blog new name

The Blog was called Vision for the Nations…we must identify the times, like the tribe of Isaachar. The Lord commanded me to change the name of the Blog. It is now called “The Spirit and the Bride say COME!”

This marks a change in season, a change in standing, a change in status.

1. Season: The season has changed in the spirit realm. This means our SYNCHRONISATION with the Spirit, the ALIGNMENT with the Spirit is now more intense. This season is END TIME PREPARATION FOR INTIMACY WITH THE SPIRIT TO DESIRE THE BRIDEGROOM.

2. Standing: This means this blog must reflect not just vision, but our standing in this season, we are THE BRIDE IN WAITING. The desire for Him must grow. This must be a new mentality, a new mindset…we are NOT JUST BEING USED, MINISTERING, we MUST BE IN LOVE…HIS LOVE EXPRESSION IN THE EARTH.

3. Status: The Bride is espoused to Jesus, the Bridegroom to the greatest spiritual union ever thought about, seen and hoped for. Therefore our talk of revival, talk of evangelism, worship, adoring, intercession can never be spoken about APART FROM THE INTEGRAL TRUTH OF INTIMACY AND PASSION, AND LOVE DESIRING THE LORD.

Therefore I reading this new season, standing and status decided to change direction with this blog. It is not a change of theology, a change of direction, rather a progression of revelation, relationship, and releasing to the Bride at large.

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