Prophecy to Britain



The Lord says to Britain, that you are the land of Lions. Indeed the Lion of the Tribe of Judah shall roar again. He shall roar to bring back the majesty and authority. There shall only be one authority given. Among the nations shall the authority of revival in her midst. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah shall triumph over the enemy.
For in her streets where the has been defeat shall faces and hearts be lifted up. The Lion’s roar shall shake the very foundations, and if they are shaken what shall men do? For the Lord indeed shall shake all asunder, and the philosophies of men shall be shaken. The attitudes of the press shall be taken aback by things unknown that shall take place.
Even the Prime Minister shall concede that indeed new time has come and shall examine even his own heart.
The Lion shall roar in the land of the Lions!

Prophecy given to Russell Durose

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