The Lessons of the Hebrides Revival: A wake up call for us

Many of us think that the Hebrides Revival was a “Pentecostal” revival. It was not. It was however a demonstration of the visitation of God’s Glory. It is a testimony of the prevailing prayers of simple folk who had no religious training. Its a testimony of people believing in a God who keeps His Promises, and they would NOT take NO for an answer.

I believe accross the nations there is a sense of desire arising, an expectation, every day there are reports of local and regional awakenings. How about Britain? Where does Britain stand? What about Europe? Known as the Dark Continent. Will be known as the light continent. I think we are not so much waiting for God, He is waiting for us!!! He is waiting for us to meet Him on covenant terms! Where are they found?

They are found in 2 Chronicles 7:14

“If my people WHO are CALLED by my NAME, will HUMBLE THEMSELVES, and pray and seek MY Face, I will hear from heaven, forgive your sin and heal your land.”

These are covenant terms:

1. If: conditional and fulcral promise…if…a possible scenario.

2. My People: we are already in relationship with Him.

3. Who are called: we are a called people, His Name is on us.

4. Will: an act of decision, a turning to, a direction to go in.

5. Pray and humble themselves: Prayer is humbling, because we are laid bare…we come to prayer knowing that talking, communing with God requires honesty and be shown our desperate conditions. Our humbling is to see our condition as it really is.

6. Seek my Face: Know our God, be conversant with His Ways, a coming into union with Him.

7. Turn from wicked ways: Turning away from the things which are sinful and fleshly, even those small things.

8. I will…: This is a guarantee…His Part of the Covenant.

9. Hear from Heaven: we will break through into Kingdom praying, where we shall agree with Kingdom agendas. We shall then come into a place of KNOWING HOW AND WHEN HE SHALL MOVE.

10. And heal their land: The land is polluted by sin, and rebellion brings disease. There is testimony of a revival in Guatemala, a place poor, and poor agricultural returns, drinking and general immorality. A certain pastor and his Church decided to take this on in prayer, they broke through the strong man of the town, and the town had a revival of powerful proportions. The land round about became so fruitful that even carrots were so large and so rich in nutrients that that town has become a centre of agricultural prosperity for the whole nation. How much more when we see God move.

It is a clarion call to come to God and pray…it is time to leave behind our agenda…time to leave behind our thinking. Now is the time to SERVE GOD’S AGENDA.

The Hebrides Revival lasted 4 years, and missionaries were launched for all the globe, and revivals were in many many places. Today the challenge is there. Are we willing to pray like we never have? Are we able to come away from staring at TV? From the internet? So many distractions!

The challenge is at your door.


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