The Substance over the evidence

Today, in a powerful encounter with the Lord, I was taken to Hebrews 11:1, and given a powerful teaching for my own personal situation but rather also, a prophetic word for sharing with the Body at large.

Now  faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

There are TWO KEY WORDS HERE: 1) Substance 2) Evidence.

The Lord gave me a teaching today that we must have the substance before the evidence and over the evidence. The evidence being the manifestation of those unseen things.

Many have a problem with faith due to lifestyle problems, and their own mindsets. Today for us to believe we must see…but the Bible teaches us the opposite. We must believe to see.

The Lord says we must have first the substance for us to have evidence of the substance we acquired from the Lord. The Lord told me that my substance is the call…which comes from an encounter with the Word…which is Jesus.

Sometimes we have nothing to show, and nothing to prove…all we have is the substance that God depositted in our hearts.

What made Abraham walk hundreds of miles…a substance of vision, of a celestial city..a community? Yes, this substance propelled him forward.

Caleb, was sustained more years because of his “substance” the mountain of Hebron.

What will sustain you? Substance of God Himself coming into your life, lifting you above the possible to the impossible. Lifting you from the mundance to the mighty, lifting you from routine to purpose.

This substance will propel you forward…this substance will sustain you, and will take you into places and status in God…

You must have the substance over evidence…the evidence never got you anywhere in God…it makes you a person with lack of faith…believe and you will see the Glory of God…John 11.

It was the substance which kept men and women praying for revival on Hebrides…they got a outpouring of God’s Glory. They got their substance from 2 Chronicles 7:14.

What is your substance? Are you looking for evidence? Don’t, wait on your substance…move in your substance and you shall overcome kingdoms, authorities, and peoples.

We will not move mountains, waiting for signs, but for trusting in the substance of our faith!



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