An Impartation for what God knows is your need

Time for an Impartation and the end of survival mode
Acts 3
The Lord is changing the season from mere survival to impartation

The Lord spoke to me powerfully today, and spoke to me about the season we are transitioning from. When we look at Acts 3 we see Peter and John confronted by the lame man at the gate of the Temple. He knew that his sustenance came from the compassion of the worshippers there. We are sometimes living like that man, living in a survival mode, that we have learned how to live with our deficiencies and that which we lack, whether it be financial, spiritual, or material. This survival mode can be brought on by sickness, bankrupcy, dysfunctional church fellowship. It seems we have lived 7 years of survival. The Lord showed me today that Jesus is coming to impart what gold and silver, healing, or fellowship can do.

It is time for impartation! But how do we receive it? How will it come?

The Lord says you think you know the answer to your need…but it is not the answer!

The answer is a giving of an impartation that takes you beyond survival into mobility, and into wholeness mode.

The Lord wants to make His Power flow through the Body…

What are you seeking?

Let us seek the impartation that supersedes the maintenance mode. Have you been keeping the status quo? Have you stopped believing?

God says He is giving an impartation. What money cannot buy God will give to you in the Name of Jesus!

The Lord says I am coming to visit my people and take them out of their lame situation where they cannot be mobile, an assett to the corporate Body, and give them an impartation of resurrection life, where dreams, visions, and promises will suddenly be manifest. If it is healing…He will not only heal you, He will impart healing for others in you. If it is finances that you need…He will heal you and break off poverty, so that in sowing to others, you will impart a prosperity of faith on others…if it is spiritual ministry He will impart an enabling to enable others to visualize the Kingdom of order and peace manifest in your lives.

Why now the impartation?

Because the Kingdom needs to manifest in the life of His People, and it is that season, so that He shall receive all the glory.

Receive that impartation by faith in Jesus Name!

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