Watering down your values

We live in an age of change, moment by moment, precedents are set, opened…and barriers of morality and spirituality are pushed to the limit. We all live judging each other by our own value system, we have termed obedience by our comfort zone. If its comfortable its God…if it brings financial profit, it must be of God. Jesus had nowhere to lay His Head…

What do you base your value system? The Word? Then watch how quickly we can become diametrically opposed to modern thinking in a matter of moments. We can boast of our Christian values, but when the rubber hits the road we are actually rowing against the very principles that the Kingdom is based.

So watch yourself, because whilst human governments fight for equal rights, the Christian faith is taking the biggest confrontation in any century. Now it is acceptable not to blaspheme the Moslem faith, but Jesus is blasphemed every day. It is acceptable for the homosexual community to target the Christian faith to attack because they want to justify their own lifestyle. Where is the respect for our faith? What happened to the foundations that founded our nation? What happened to the stones laid in the foundation of the nation in revivals past?

It is urgent to keep anchored in our faith, in the Word…because the world is hurtling to hell at light speed velocity. We are flowing in the wheels within the wheels of the faith…let us not lose our perspective.

Your value system is a person, it is Christ Himself. Let us walk with Him and walk with Him day by day, and we shall find that we recognize the subtle changes that satan dares to sow in our hearts. We shall resist and cast him out.

We cannot compromise to be respected…we must be different to impact!


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