when obedience hurts: Genesis 22

We are going to look inside Abraham’s heart. We see him enjoying his son, Isaac. We see him, hold the fulfilment of many promises. We see him see his son’s growth, starting to talk, walk.
One day we see God come to Abraham and command him to go to Moriah and sacrifice his son there. Ah, what pain that must have come accross his heart!
But instead of questioning God, he set off and went on a 3 day journey. Imagine at the foot of Moriah his son looking at the stones, the wood, but no holocaust. Imagine Abraham wrapping up his son. Imagine the knife going up. What obedience!
God sometimes in any part of our lives makes us obey till it hurts. We weep before God. Yet in an instant the angel stays Abraham’s hand and tells him: Now I know that you will obey. He extends covenant and Moriah becomes a holy place where tabernacle and temple stood and where is Zion.
God wants to bring His Glory into your life, a covenant He wants to extend. Will you obey till the last? Here He will create in your heart a Zion, where His Glory will descend.

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