When Obedience is the test

Dear all,
We can write extensively about in depth experiences, but if we do not get past the simple lesson of obedience then we are not going to advance in anything.
I got a miraculous provision to get the train back to Lancaster, and I had set my heart on Thursday, making some simple appointments for the next 2 days, and so making sure the tickets were a certain price I was to buy for that day i set off. Going to the bank, making sure there was enough money in the bank to make a card purchase of the ticket. Then tried to buy, kept rejecting. I went back to see the ticket price on the app on my Blackberry, it had gone up £20 in seconds.

The Lord said look for tomorrow. Lo, there was a ticket. I was able to book it. Sadness flooded my soul. Called Mike and Liz and others , to do with the trip and walked round the harbour. I felt like weeping. I had got the sensation that this was home.

God spoke to me so much until the night that I knew that obedience was so much better. Obedience is the barrier so many cannot get by. Even if it hurts. It may hurt for a time, but God comes in. When God has a mission for you its best to move when He says move. If He made provision, you must follow Him. Passing this test you will inherit so much.

This morning I got up to this thought: if Abraham sacrificed his Isaac like you’re sacrificing yours, then I will give back. The fact is your obedience speaks of love, and great faith, because obedience is the foundation of faith. Without obedience you cannot flow in faith. Obedience is the lever that makes the fired up train move forward, for which Mike my friend knows too well.

Our obedience shows great love which Abraham showed, prepared to obey than preserve the one he loved. God responds.

Friends, God is not looking for great revelations, or insight, He is looking for someone who will obey.

Russell Durose Vision for the Nations

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