I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day

I remember I was on the plane on 21st December last year and God was speaking to me clearly. The Lord made my eyes open to a reality which I have never noticed. He showed me about walking in our spirit dimension. We always confuse the issue with walking By the Holy Spirit. We must walk in our spirit.

John is caught up in his spirit man, by the SPIRIT, that he was NOW IN THE HOLY SPIRIT, because his spirit man was ascendant in his life. This means he had subjected his flesh, under the Lordship of Christ. It means that the Lordship of Christ was SOVEREIGN over his life, and THE WORD ACTED LIKE A TWO EDGED SWORD, DIVIDING BETWEEN THE SOULISH AND THE SPIRITUAL.

Here we see clearly now, that the Lordship of Christ must be invited into our daily life. Then we must have a commitment with the Word of God…which is a TWO EDGED SWORD, bringing us into a DISCERNMENT of what is SOULISH, and what is SPIRITUAL. What is spiritual, when we are in Christ, leads us to JESUS BY HIS SPIRIT.

We see John in the Spirit, by the Spirit, in the spirit man…he is no longer in the realm of his own senses, he is now dealing with his life, his ministry, his life in the priorities of the Spirit, spiritually governed.

This means that in our daily life, our communion with God is so deep, our love for God is so ardent, it means every day we find pleasure not in a religious ritual of prayer, but conversation with God, and He is opening to us His Secrets (Psalm 25) and we may experience in our day such revelation of our life’s direction, we may also see the destiny of others, the opportunities to bless others. The Lord will bring others onto our path, miraculously, and the Spirit will whisper into our spiritual ears what these people need at that hour. I tell you life then turns onto a new meaning. No longer are we making our decisions, the HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF MAKES THE DECISIONS OF OUR LIVES. Does not mean that we cease to do the menial tasks, it means our days are open for God to use us in the smallest yet most miraculous of ways. God must bring us into community so that this can flow. It must flow in an environment where God brings us into the sphere of the renewed and those of faith.

The Lord’s Day is so interesting. It is a season God has assigned for us. Where it ceases to be our day…where His Day superimposes our day. In the Lord’s day…

We have a new dawn…a new beginning…

We wake up to a new season, we wake up to a new sensation of things going right…things going into order in our lives.

We have a  new morn…

We have a time of getting into the day where God comes to us and visits us with freshness and with purpose.

We have a new noon

In this new noon, our brightness shines…Isaiah 58

In this everything is revealed. In this time God gives us great light, great revelation. Here no darkness can reign. Here there is no uncertainty. Here we walk with security.

God declares to you, a new day…a new brightness…He is the brightness: Hebrews 1.3.

We have a new afternoon

The afternoon is putting into order before the night comes…Jesus said one must work whilst it is light: John 11. The Lord says a dark age is coming, and only those whose LAMPS ARE TRIMMED, can be admitted into the Kingdom: Matthew 25. In this day God is bringing His Order into our lives. Afternoon is for ORDER. Order brings peace, order brings faith, and joy.

new evening…no fear…a light in the darkness of faith…lights to guide of the Word.

Surely today is a NEW DAY and it is lived IN THE SPIRIT BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD.

2 thoughts on “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day

  1. Hey! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the outstanding work!

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