Repost: Identity Network post of my prophetic message for 2011

The New Season of 2011: The Best Year Yet by Russell Durose
By Russell Durose

I believe we have moved into the next season, where the sound of the Lord of rain has come, and rain has fallen. The Lord spoke to me the other day about His Ways of restoration. We are so performance and “work” orientated that we drive at the things, trying to produce something. We who think about God moving, try to work something. I used to know a pastor who used to introduce the worship by saying “now let’s create the atmosphere.” In a sense this expression is laughable, but it is not. We do create the atmosphere of God when we worship because He inhabits the praise of His People.


Rest is Moving


The Lord is bringing us into REST. I had to think about that rest. When some leader tells you, to rest, does that mean you sit on the pew? No. It means you are moving…read Hebrews 2 and 4. You see that REST is MOVING AND CONQUERING your promise. You sort of rest in your faith, that is MOVE IN OBEDIENCE in the time that your promise is about to manifest. We used to pray shouting at the top of our voice, but now in this season, we literally move into a new attitude, what we do we literally spend our time listening and thanking the Lord. Yes, we go through our Jordan believing the Promise, time has come to MOVE INTO IT. How do we move into it?


We literally see God command Joshua to make the Levites put their feet into the water of Jordan, and God opens up the way, making the way not only available but DRY. 2 miracles. Yes, your way into your promises are MIRACLES only performed by God and there is not any way humanly speaking that it would happen. All we do is walk in the way that God opens, till we reach the other side and He closes the way behind us. He provides us cities and homes to dwell in. Where are we going? We are going into a land filled with good things.


We have lived maybe a 7 year cycle of need, lack and a lot of learning curves. We have sometimes despaired of even our ministry calling, we have experienced wholesale abuses, and even struggled to keep the vision before us. But now God says “I am opening a new way for you. I am opening up that which is a natural barrier to you moving into your calling, your inheritance. The Lord says it is time for you to move into it.” There is no great fanfare in that…we just do what is natural, we move into the miraculous dry land that He provides. We are surrounded by the water of impossibility we are moving through a miracle. The Lord says “you are going to move into that for which you have dreamed of for so long. ” Sounds good news.


The Church Should be an Organism not Organization


Obedience opens the way for the impossible. But we move when we know our season has come. I believe that corporately we are being taken to a new level of signs and wonders. The church needs to become an organism that lives not an organization that works. We have sometimes based ministry on title not function and have overlooked the beauty of the functioning gifts which bring life. We have seen our brothers and sisters as people we serve and work with rather than who we RELATE AND INTERACT ON A LOVE LEVEL. I am learning these now, and seeing that without this enriching in my spirit, this year shall not be what God has spoken to me . Yes, God announces to you…this year is going to be the BEST YET. What do you do with that?


You may say: “hmmm…I do not see that….I don’t believe it….” then you’re doing what the Israelites did on the banks of Jordan, you are in unbelief and negativism. You shall stay on the wrong side of your miracle…your sea, your river won’t open for you. You’ll go round in circles in your wilderness. You’ll go almost back to Egypt…the world…God will allow it…to show you…that you have missed a generational blessing. But there is something about God though we must remember, that we are not in the Old Testament, we are in the New, and He always, in His Mercy, when we have had enough of wandering, bring us back to Jordan and say: “OK, I am going to open it for you, are you ready?”


Receive the word…2011 is going to be YOUR BEST YEAR…receive it, and see your “Jordan” open before you!




Russell A. Durose

Vision for the Nations


2 thoughts on “Repost: Identity Network post of my prophetic message for 2011

  1. Just found this from Identity Network. Great word! You have no idea how much I hope this word is for me this year. One of these years I’ll get my chance to cross over! One of these years… Until then just keep on driving on! I’ll find the Jordan someday before this desert kills me 🙂

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