Breaking all respectability opens the door for a pioneer vision

I just get a thought, this thought is so key to life today that if we grasp it we will advance to new frontiers of new dimensions in pioneer ministry.

Acts 13 shows a culmination of a lot of transitions of the Antioch Church. We see prophets and teachers meeting in a atmosphere of prayer and fasting. We see a corporate birthing of pioneer ministry from this leadership.

Today life is so compartmentalized that we have pet doctrines, formulas. We model our lives on routines, and little else happens God-wise. There is no expectation, no room for God to break out of our routine.

Just imagine, here the Church is just about to break down walls into new frontiers. They were seeking God.

If we want to break out what will it take? Just a vague decision? Being spiritual? No.

We must read the times. Its time to break into the unknown. Time to let God take us beyond our expectations. Even take us out and make us undergo criticism from those close to us.

Do we plan the same? No, let us give up our own expectations planning and building ministry.

Jesus said the wineskin cannot be old and rigid. Jesus wants to pour in new wine. This new wine is fresh. Fresh vision is always coming into focus with what Jesus is doing.

Come out of routine…come out of rigidity into the realm of pioneering your life.

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