I Hear the Sound of the Abundance of Rain

I Hear the sound of Rain

I Kings 18:41

“For there is the sound of the abundance of rain”

The Lord after a mighty breakthrough, intercession, across many issues, gave me this prophetic message to the Body.

  1. For there is the sound: The Lord makes us hear the sound of our abundance, for the Lord announces to us that our release is arriving, we must prepare…our spiritual ears should be open, should be hearing…what are you hearing? I tell you if you are speaking negatively, if you are believing the world’s gospel of negativity, then you will hear no heavenly sound. You will hear no sound from above…you will not discern the change in season. You will remain in your famine thinking. Already, the fire had fallen for Elijah, the people convinced. For Elijah the natural progression is the release. The training in the prophetic dimension showed him that the holocaust licked up by fire, along with all the altar, was sufficient to fulfill the requirement. Now release was to come. Now in Christ has the eternal requirement been met. Once you hear the sound..its time to prepare.
  2. Of the abundance: not of some rain, not some, but abundance, so much so, it would be so heavy, so full that man would not stand it. The Lord says, the famine is over. The price has been paid, now I am coming to visit…I am coming with abundance…not little but much. The Lord promises breakthrough, but so much so, like in Malachi, that the windows of heaven emptied out blessing that no earthly structure could contain. That is what is coming. There is a cry…it has gone up…God has heard.
  3. Of rain: rain speaks of refreshing, speaks of promise, speaks of growth, speaks of fulfillment. It is time your prophecies came to pass…for this seed to germinate, God must send His “rain” and not just some, but an abundance. The Lord said, an end to dryness, embrace the season by faith. Actually, there was no rain yet on Elijah’s horizon, he still had to climb Carmel again, and pray…pressing through until the response. How is your rain going to come? Many say revival is coming. How? Are you pressing in? Is your head between your knees? Are you pressing in to see manifest what you “heard”? This is not Cherith, automatic, nor is the widow who gave, but now you have to press in. The Lord ends the cycle of famine, and brings in the cycle of fruitfulness. How many of us have lived in the cycle of poverty, dryness, God says press in…pray…intercede…prevail unto you see your sign…it may be small to start with, but my the Lord will give you speed in your legs, to run for cover.

This is a prophetic message sent from the Lord.


Russell Durose


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