The Harbour: The Learning Curve/Circle of Ezekiel 1

When I meditate on the fact I left here 20 years ago, with more grey hair you could care to count, you would understand that what God always does, is bring us in a circle of learning and maturity until we move with the Spirit.

It is sometimes heart rending to go through these learning curves. You are sometimes separated in your “vision” of things. Your “vision” must first come from God. It is the first requirement. It must not exclude other visions from God for others. We must respect each other’s priesthood in God.

I was looking at Ezekiel 1 when I came over, just seeing the “moving as the Spirit moves“, not some mystical experience, it is discerning Him, and the way He works. He moves, we move.

Sometimes OUR IMMATURITY is when WE DO NOT DISCERN…we try to force things into being…creating “spiritual debt” and we take out what is not ours. Can you understand that? We force the ATM to malfunction and give us finance that is not ours.

This spiritual debt weighs heavily against your account, and you live a cycle of strife and confusion. Then you say why? The Lord says you created an “Ishmael.” You forced natural processes to produce something…that something proves to bring you grief. Rather like Lot, who looked up with his natural eyes, and pick the most fruitful to his eyes, not revealing an awful reality of depravity of Sodom and Gommorah. Then you settle there, your spirit being vexed, only the intervention of God’s friend can save you. How many of us have been fetched out of our senses into the realm of the spirit by the Spirit by the intercession of our friends?

Look at the results of Ishmael…a conflict, that threatens man’s existence.

How many of us have created “Ishmaels”? I must have created some.

Ezekiel 1 talks about the wheels within wheels. They move TOGETHER, hence the need for unity, team ministry, and corporate vision. You cannot have unity without a vision. You cannot have a move without unity, and you cannot have a network without agreement.

So whereever He moves, we move with Him…He speaks to us, via the prophetic Spirit, and we move. Our obedience is the wheels of Ezekiel 1. Moving together, in ever maturing and learning cycles. We sometimes come back to learn another level.

Learning is aquiring knowledge and character.

So what I know today must progress what I learn tomorrow and the humility to be prepared to acquire what we do not have today to be our possession tomorrow.

So if you have vexed your spirit with relying on your senses, go back to the beginning. Go where you went off track, what concept, what vain imagination, and come to the Word, and correct your vision.

“In the beginning God…” yes He is your beginning. (John 1:1)

“I am the Alpha and Omega” (Revelation 1). He is our beginning and our end…

“The author and perfecter of our faith”. (Heb 11) That means He originated it, and perfected it in our hearts.

So may we learn fully and obey fully so when we complete the cycle we are promoted to the new level.

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