Why Brixham? A Prophetic Vision

Brixham lies on the southwest coast of Great Britain in a county called Devon. Lies in a bay with the towns of Paignton and Torquay. It is part of an area named “The English Riviera.”

The Lord brought me here in 1990 after my father died of cancer, a vicious cancer called Mesothelioma. I spent my first spell of 1 month in Brixham in 1988 with ACE Teams, and had a real rapport with Pastor Robert Hyde there. Then in 1989 returned for a week’s visit. Then the Lord through connections there, made it obvious I was to move down. It was not without its drama. My own visit was set in March, where I spoke to key people, and God made it plain. There was a shadow behind me, my father’s illness. My own Church in Nottingham was place for my training for the last year. But that had come to an end. I was at a crossroads.

My father passed away on April 6th 1990. God spoke to me the night of his death, to decide to go to Brixham, so strong was the call. I did move down in May 1990. It was a powerful and challenging 2 years. I was introduced to the prophetic dimension of ministry, made my own mistakes, but was obedient to God’s call, introduced to Portugal where I was to spend 15 years from 1995.

Now I am here again the second time in 2 months.

Brixham’s harbour is plain in the blog header, it speaks of something prophetic. It speaks of the place being a spiritual harbour, never just a stopping place…our ministries being like the boats in the picture. They come for restoration, maintenance, and sending out. The Lord wants to make us reside in places called “spiritual harbours.” Where we are loved as people, maintained in our gift, fine tuned, taught wisdom. Then we are sent out to the “high waters” of the nations, to catch important “fish” to bring them back to the harbour again. Itinerant MINISTRY has never been understood…many leaders think that itinerant ministers in their churches get their fruits abroad, and the SENDING OUT HARBOUR GETS NOTHING…JUST ENCOURAGEMENT…this is a lie of the enemy. No, what God showed me was that the SENDING CHURCH should share in the fruits.

Many a church, many a ministry, many a minister, has robbed the “harbour” through ignorance, today this ignorance goes with this revelation. The Lord says that the enemy shall give back 7fold of what has been stolen, robbed.

The ships are of all sizes, and they come in for different ways of fishing. The vision is both evangelistic and prophetic. Evangelistic because of the fetching in of fish. The differing methods,…also prophetic, to know where the shoals are.

I envisage God is bringing me back to Port, to this harbour, for a refit…then I am able to go out again. The refit is needed, as paintwork, wood has become so distorted, so out of shape, so worn from the STORMS OF LIFE, that it needs a TOTAL RESTORATION.

That is what we need. A total restoration from the Lord, new wood, and a new “anointing” of paint.

Can you imagine on the harbour-side, the boat in restoration?

That is what God is taking His People to…to His Harbour to undergo a spiritual “refit.”

So the harbour picture above is a prophetic picture of what God is doing.





One thought on “Why Brixham? A Prophetic Vision

  1. Some of the ministry was impacted by partners in the work, particularly Andrew and Carole Baker in the initial stages, and João Saramago in Porto in my first years in Portugal, and in latter times Mike and Liz Cleasby and other British ministries.

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