The Fourfold Move of God for the UK

There was a powerful vision which has come from the Lord.

I am very ill at this new year, but God does not stop speaking to His People, and uses our stopped times, our forced stop times, to speak to us.

I came to the UK on 21st December amidst the snow and ice, with temperatures of down to -10ºc, and we had to stand out in the snow waiting for our respective transports. Getting off the plane was a nightmare with ice all over the place. The country was almost at a standstill because of the freeze. Well, God was determined for me to get to my destination. Which I did. Much ministry, Word and direction from the Lord.

Here is what God showed me for a Church in the south west, but is applicable for the season we have just entered into.

a)      Nehemiah move: the hand and favour of God upon the work

b)      Ezra move: There will be a stirring and drawing back to the fellowship and a drawing back to intense intercession. This could also mean a preparation of the foundation of the new church in 2011, that God is propelling forward the Foundation Stone to be laid!

c)       Zechariah move: In the next year of 2011 there will be an unprecedented prophetic thrust in the church ,in the area of visions, prophecies, and prophetic acts…The Lord will bring an almighty restoration of favour and anointing on the leadership, and a release of almighty open doors into new areas, for resources. The Lord says, watch the prophetic move, note it down and test all things…but note, the prophetic is a sign of the priesthood restoration.

d)      Zerrubabel Move: This is the accomplishment of all that which has been prayed, prophesied, preached about…the Lord says that 2011 is a FOUNDATION stone year…it’s a year of definingrefiningrestoringoutpouring!!!!

So pray on this word and send me feedback.

Pray for my recuperation.






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