Come up here, says the Lord, into my Dimension





Dear all,

Today was a major shift in the Lord today. I had my ticket for the UK for next week. Many prophets and prophetesses have come to me from various nations, confirming my departure, rapid. I have had to stay a little while longer to tie up many loose ends. But the homecoming is a joyful one. And it is exactly that, a HOMECOMING. The Lord said through a man “The Lord said, its time to come home.”


My heart was so full of joy.


The Lord has given me a repeated message for this season, the Lord is causing us to tie up loose ends in this season, finishing off what needs to be finished, because we cannot carry it on in the next season. The Lord is causing us to write the letters, to exhort successors. God likened my own changes as Elijah transitioning into a new dimension in a car of fire and firey horses. The Lord is doing that now with His Ministers. He is translating us into the heavenly dimensions.


The Lord burned on me the passage in Revelation 4, and shown me the FIRST MANIFESTATION: AN OPEN DOOR. The Lord says to you…there is a OPEN DOOR. Its not just geographic, as it also could be, but it is a door in the Spirit…The Lord says I have opened it for a season, its time to see it….


The way to the door is UP…NOT DOWN…NOT ACROSS…the Lord is taking us from one GLORY TO ANOTHER, AND FROM ONE LEVEL OF FAITH TO ANOTHER. Someone said once…new level, new devils, but I say new level new victory. The Lord says COME UP…He sends to you His Invitation…its movement…it’s a movement…is a MOVE…You will move in the new dimension…and as you go up…your joy level will go up…and your faith level will go up…as you look down and see WHAT YOU LEFT BEHIND…the meanderings of the last season, and the ways the Lord was faithful. Indeed. And the final ministration you will experience as you are TRANSLATED IN THE TRANSITION (wow I am speakin g in tongues here), is VISION…not of behind, of before. Of within, and through into the inner realms of the Father. Yes the Father…you will be taken to the Throne Room itself, and will see how God will conduct the following seasons. He will show you the angels, who shall go forth to the Church within the nations. The Lord says COME UP…AND COME IN…yes come into My activity…because what I give you to do, is preach, prophesy a new message with a new sound, that the very doorposts of existence will tremble. Not tremble with fear, rather with awe, because God is coming into His Finest Hour.


Recognize, one stage of your ministry is OVER…a new MINISTRY IS OPENING…its not a ministry to men…but a MINISTRY TO GOD HIMSELF. He shall commune with you…walking you in a garden He prepared for you…in this new season. You shall receive a new level of resonance. You shall communicate with yours in a new light.


You have a choice, to stay with a ministry you have always walked in…but know that that season is over, or embrace the changes no matter how they touch you internally. I know what sacrifices have to be made, for eternal good, but the temporary cross we must bear must be borne for PROMOTION IN THE HEAVENS IS SOMETIMES HUMILIATION BEFORE MEN.


The Lord says to you today: see the open door into my Dimension open…its open to you precisely in this season, come up here, and I shall show you wondrous and eternal things!



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