new wine has a condition: new wineskin

These last 24hours have meant a lot in clarifying what God wants to do in our day. We concluded that much of the Local Church is locked into the pastoral system and religious at best. We began to see the relevance of the gift of tongues in the receiving of a new wineskin. When we say wineskin we mean:
1. Flexible structure for the Spirit to fill
2. Revelation not just knowledge of doctrine
3. Discernment not suspicion and fear
4. Activation of saints in ministry in gifts.

This is so important. God is not pouring out new wine because the wineskin is old and rigid. How you tell?
1. No activation of gifts or ministries in the saints.
2. No flexibility in applying structure: rigid requirements and concepts of order instead of allowing saints freedom to flow in the Spirit.
3. No or little discernment
4. Legalistic application of Bible truth
5. Rejection of prophetic and apostolic ministry.

Now make an evaluation of your local church. I am not asking you to be critical. But what is lacking is pure apostolic teams. These pioneer, activation and implant the vision of God in the corporate priesthood.

The Spirit is not being poured out in FIRE and POWER because He is witholding, our wineskin is old and rigid. God is waiting for you. Are you going to make a step forward?

Are you going to receive your wineskin? What is it? I believe it is the Revealed Word. It needs to be an open approach, daily approach. That way we never become rigid.

why are so many dry and sick? Lack of Jesus manifest.


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