Are you building your Ark? A Perspective on the True Prophetic

I was writing  to one of our ministries we are connected to (Global Network of Disciples), a prolific ministry in the area of the apostolic and prophetic dimension of ministry. Today is a stormy day here in Povoa de Varzim, where I am based for the day. The clouds are fast and furious.

When I got up this morning, I was reflecting on the prophetic, reflecting on material I had sent out earlier. I began to see that many so called PROPHETIC MINISTRIES, are majoring in one of two camps. There is

1. The Judgment camp

2. The Prosperity and blessing camp

You either fall in one or the other. I reflected before the Lord concerning these. The Lord began to talk to me ABOUT THE REMNANT…it appears from Genesis to Revelation. It is always set AGAINST THE BACKDROP OF WIDESPREAD BACKSLIDING AND WICKEDNESS, AND JUDGEMENT. But God RESERVES a remnant. How? He sees that their heart is toward Him, He selects them, reserving them for a purpose…for continuation of a godly line.

The Lord took me to the first remnant of scripture: Noah and his family.

Context: Man turns away from God…God has to resolve the situation.

He commands Noah to make a Ark, however ridiculous, because it had never rained before on the earth. So because he believed and acted on it he and his family were saved in the moment of judgment. So what I see by this illustration that you cannot be in a “camp” because it only tells half a story.

The Lord has reserved for our day a generation, a remnant, who prophesy by their actions not by their words…

There are TOO MANY WORDS…NOT MUCH ACTIONS. The remnant is seen to be doing something contrary to mindset yet foretelling of something to come…that way we can be counted as men of faith!

The fact is so many are DOING TOO MUCH SPEAKING…where is their Ark?

The Ark is the True Prophetic, it says yes, judgment comes, but there is a way THROUGH IT…and a CONTINUATION OF LIFE AFTER IT…WITH GOD AND COVENANT.


One thought on “Are you building your Ark? A Perspective on the True Prophetic

  1. You are so right there is a shift coming and God is looking for those who will listen to the Holy spirit, Not just to know about him

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