Another Remnant understood

Carrying on where i left off…


God calls Abram whilst he is still in the middle of the most powerful empires of the day…calls him to leave, to go to where he had never been, to do what he had never done. He obeyed…his obedience being credited as righteousness because he believed in Him who CALLED. I believe when God calls us into the remnant, we have no conditions and no questions. I always saw this principle of obedience being obligatory ingredient of love, some have a problem with this. Some say we have a choice…I say we do from a distance…but when we in the context and boundaries of intimacy and love relationship with God we see Obedience as a key ingredient of our walk!

I have always seen it this way…maybe God may have to change something if I am wrong. But I am certain I am not. Whereas Noah had to build an ark for Abram the call meant a separation geographically, to go to where he had never been before, to go a way he did not know. This is faith!!!! Obedience is the act, faith is the walk, righteousness is the heart. It is so clear to me today…please feedback friends.


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