Build My House before Yours

Build My House before yours
Haggai 1
A Word for our time!
Vision for the Nations Ministry
Dear all,
Recently in a trip to the UK, the Word “Restoration” was key to what I was experiencing in my own life personally. The Lord tonight, as I was seeking Him, said almost audibly: BUILD MY HOUSE BEFORE YOURS.

I looked in Haggai 1 and found the basis for what God was showing me.

I want to share it consisely.

1. In a season of restoration we expect restitution, but what God wants is a restoration of HIS HOUSE: That is a return to our first love, Revelation 2:5, return to fervent prayer, return to a new level of intimacy with God, offering sacrifices of love. His House is a house of prayer and sacrifices that minister restoration to the world…we must forget ourselves.

2. In a season of restoration prosperity only comes when we PRIORITIZE HEAVEN’S AGENDA ABOVE OUR OWN: In Haggai, the house of God was still a foundation, yet the people had built their houses, and were dwelling comfortably. God sent famine and poverty to bring them back to hearing the prophet exhort them to put their order right, God and His House first. You are His House, and as such your life is a MINISTRY UNTO HIM. We can get so tied up MINISTERING TO OTHERS…BUT WHEN AND HOW MUCH DO WE MINISTER UNTO GOD?

3. TRUE PROSPERITY COMES FROM INTIMACY: God gives a promise toward the end of the prophecy, that on the 24th day of the ninth month He was going to bless…this blessing always must come from intimacy…we do NOT SERVE GOD FOR WHAT HE GIVES, BUT FOR WHO HE IS…

4. The day of building MINISTRIES AND CHURCHES is over…we must now BUILD HIS HOUSE TOGETHER…we must have a new commitment to prayer, intimacy, hearing the Word. Read Ezra, and see how they renewed their commitments.

I know it is short, but it is necessary…let us BUILD HIS HOUSE!

Russell A.Durose

Vision for the Nations

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