Vision of Jesus for the Nations

Welcome to a new chapter, a new season, a new modus operandii of the Spirit of God. Today is a day of new beginnings, the start of a new chapter, a empty, blank page. It is a page that God wants to write on your life. The new writing will rewrite and correct what has been lacking in former times. Isaiah 43 says:


Yes, He is doing something new in your life. He is bringing a new focus to you. A new refreshing, to prayer, to praise, to intercession. The routine has to be broken, a new and vibrant commitment to the fervent prayer to a covenant keeping God. This is the most powerful of prayers…prayer…spontaneous outburst of our spirit interacting with God.

Moses had this experience with God. He was appealing on God’s Covenant, found in His Name. There he had an immediate response. Here he had an immediate DIALOGUE with God. You want that, then we must first, before any seeing of vision, see Him. We must enter into another platform with Him…appealing for His Covenant and entering into a daring dialogue. Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Jabez, David, Solomon, Elijah and many more entered into this dialogue. So must we.

This site is symbolic of a new season…enter it with us!




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