Build My House before Yours

Build My House before yours Haggai 1 A Word for our time! Vision for the Nations Ministry Dear all, Recently in a trip to the UK, the Word “Restoration” was key to what I was experiencing in my own life personally. The Lord tonight, as I was seeking Him, said almost audibly: BUILD MY HOUSE BEFORE YOURS. I looked in Haggai 1 and found the basis for what God was showing me. I want to share it consisely. 1. In a season of restoration we expect restitution, but what God wants is a restoration of HIS HOUSE: That is … Continue reading Build My House before Yours

Changing nations

The Holy Spirit is moving. He is relocating His Prophets to other places to teach and move them as He will. There are places specially used in dimensions of the Spirit, but God has various seasons for various nations. For example in the UK, there is a great desire to see again a mighty revival. In South Africa, there has been many mighty revivals. In Brazil it is estimated that there is 40% of the population that is evangelical. In Iceland, it seems despite it being a cold country physically, the is a spiritual fire of God burning. It also … Continue reading Changing nations

Vision of Jesus for the Nations

Welcome to a new chapter, a new season, a new modus operandii of the Spirit of God. Today is a day of new beginnings, the start of a new chapter, a empty, blank page. It is a page that God wants to write on your life. The new writing will rewrite and correct what has been lacking in former times. Isaiah 43 says: SEE I DO A NEW THING… Yes, He is doing something new in your life. He is bringing a new focus to you. A new refreshing, to prayer, to praise, to intercession. The routine has to be … Continue reading Vision of Jesus for the Nations